My New Years Travelling Resolution for 2014

The best photo from my hard disk recovery
My New Years Travelling Resolution for 2014 – live with my feet in the air

Yesterday, I was asked about my New Year’s Resolution. I didn’t have any, and I usually don’t keep resolutions because I don’t have a high success rate when it comes to fulfilling them.

But it’s good to have goals, said a Friend T, because at least a year would not have gone by in a flash. At least by then, you would have achieved something.

So I thought I’d share my five simple travelling goals for 2014. If all fails, there’s one aspect of myself that I would like to change, and it’s the last point.

1. Back up my travel photos

I discussed this at length in a previous post. Will do so after transferring the files from one place to another.

2. Stop taking too many photos on trips and enjoy the moment

I’m guilty of this, but when I arrive at a certain destination, out comes the DSLR which goes snap snap snap, and I think I forget to savour the moment with my own eyes. It’s a real pity when the only memories you get of a place, are those seen from the display screen of your digital camera.

3. Stop complaining/ being moody when feeling uncomfortable on trips 

Yeah, the Trans Siberian train ride of 7 days has revealed that despite the seasoned traveller I pride myself to be, I could be a real pain at times without my creature comforts like a daily bath. Therefore, it’s a promise to myself, to be reminded of the gungho girl I was four years back, bite the bullet, and try to cope with the rough and tumble that travelling brings, as if it’s nothing to me.

4. To write good, meaningful travel pieces on my blog

To be honest, I can’t remember when was the last time I wrote a really insightful travel piece that I was really proud of. I know a travel blog cannot solely survive on anecdotes, but I find that as I focus more on photos and tips/tricks, I mustn’t forget to share the true meaning of travel, and the life lessons I have taken away from each trip.

5. Stop being that jaded traveller and look at every mountain, lake and river, as if it was my first time seeing it. 

When I first caught sight of a rolling hills in Musoorie in India, I gasped at the magnificent scenery, and fell in love with the Christmas trees that lined the path up the hill.

When I first caught sight of the River Ganga in Rishikesh, I thought to myself, how wonderful rivers are (when bars and restaurants do not line the perimeter). (Think the Singapore River in Clarke Quay).

But after seeing several lovely rivers and mountains in Laos, South Korea, China, Vietnam and Amsterdam, and saw snow for my very eyes in India and Russia, that Wow feeling has diminished, and is replaced by the “oh, I’ve seen it before” type of feeling.

So when friends tell me about their travel experiences, especially places that I have been to, I confess that there are times in which I will feel all cocky and wanna say ‘been there, done that’.

But upon reflection, I think what I have really neglected to do is to ask is for my friends to share their travelling experiences. After all, each trip, despite being the same destination, could have a  180 deg contrasting storyline.

And here I am, limited by time and money to see and comprehend the world in its entirety. What better way than to hear about the culture, history and people from the world, than through the word of friends.

I’ll promise I will not be an arrogant traveller, and patiently listen to what you have for me.

Do you have New Year resolutions related to travel? If so, do share them in the comments section.

Live with your feet above the air

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